Dementia Community Calendar September 6, 2019

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama support group, Tuesday, September 10, 11:00 – 12:30, 300 Office Park Drive, Suite 225. Call Miller Piggott, 205-871-7970.  For a complete list of support groups,

McCoy Adult Day Care is hosting an Open House to honor retiring Executive Director, Judy Poole, Wednesday, September 25, 4 – 6.  730 8th Avenue West, Birmingham.  RSVP to Lauren Goodman (205) 251-2178.

Alzheimer’s in Alabama:  Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama’s annual conference, Friday, October 18, Canterbury United Methodist Church. Our special guest  will be Jamie Tyrone, who is in a rare group of only 2% of the population who carry 2 copies of the ApoE4 gene, which means she has a 91% chance of developing Alzheimer’s.  Click to learn more about her new book, Fighting For My Life” Mark your calendar and make plans to join us.  Details to follow.

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama Lunch and Learn, Tuesday, October 29.  Coping with grief during the holidays.  Details to follow.

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama’s Walking to Remember, Saturday, November 2, inside the Riverchase Galleria, 8 am.  Join with family and friends to Shine a Light on Alzheimer’s  at this fun 3 mile indoor walk (or a distance that suits you).  Walk in honor of memory of your loved one.  Walkers raising a minimum of $50 receive a t-shirt. for more info.

Statewide Day of Prayer and Remembrance, Sunday, November 10.

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama Annual Meeting and Candle Lighting Service, Thursday, November 14, 6 – 7:30. 

News to know:

A September 3, 2019 Being Patient article looked at the end-stage of Alzheimer’s disease, and how resiliency and people-centered approaches can make it more positive. Late stage AD can differ from person-to-person, but common symptoms include being unable to connect with other people or the environment, inability to communicate, needing 24-hour care, and becoming more forgetful and withdrawn. “How can I help [someone with dementia] perform to the best of their ability for as long as possible? …you see the research community shifting, and saying, how can we look at a more comprehensive view of this disease? We know there’s stress and burden, impairment, that people are progressive. Yet we also see they’re showing resiliency and improved quality of life. How can we learn from that and replicate it? Knowing who that person is, and weaving that into everything you do — how can that allow the person to function more because you’re focusing on strengths rather than deficits?” said Sam Fazio of the Alzheimer’s Association.

In a Carlen Maddux blog post “Illuminating The Dark Heart of Dementia,” Maddux writes, “This cover photo of [UsA2’s] Dementia-Friendly Worship is so reflective of the book’s foundational theme: No matter what stage of dementia a person may be in, early or advanced, communicative or not, no one—NO ONE—is ever an “empty shell.”… “… in spite of the cognitive and other limitations imposed by dementias, the essence of the person, their core, their soul, is still there, very much alive,” say this book’s senior editors, Lynda Everman and Dr. Don Wendorf, PsyD, retired psychologist.” Everman and Wendorf are UsAgainstAlzheimer’s advocates.  Don will be speaking at Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama’s conference, October 18.  See Stolen Memories for more information.

According to a new study out of Michigan State University, marriage could have an impact on your cognitive health and lower your risk of dementia.
Get the facts here

Cleaning out you closet can benefit seniors!  Donation drop-off is easier than ever at the NEW Goodwill drive-thru donation center at 5113 Oporto Madrid Blvd, between Montclair Rd and Montevallo Rd. CJFS clients receive shopping credit for every donation you make in their name, and you never have to get out of your car! Notify the Goodwill staff that you are dropping off for CJFS and they will do the rest. Open 7 days a week, Mon-Sat 7a-7p and on Sun 9a-5pm. For more information contact Jennifer Nemet, 205-278-7118 or

 Falls and Home Safety in Alzheimer’s Disease free webinar, September 12.  Sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.  To learn more and to register, click here.