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As a non-profit, Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama is dependent upon community support to continue our programs and services. Our ability to impact the lives of more people with dementia and families is tied to the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations who share in our goal of offering education to families and the community, day care scholarships that allow caregivers to receive a break from the rigor of the 24-hour nature of caring for those with dementia, home delivery of continence product and nutritional supplements that allow the family to use their limited income on other necessities such as utilities, medication and food. Each day our supporters impact the lives of families who struggle with caring for loved ones by:

  • Forming a team in memory or honor of a loved one and participate in our annual Walking to Remember event.
  • Attending and/or donating artwork, the use of a vacation home for a week, jewelry, etc. to our annual Garden Art Party.
  • Naming ACA as the beneficiary of memorials following the death of a loved one

ACA Funding Needs

The heart of what we do is help families keep their loved one at home. If homecare is an option, ACA offers services that help make it possible. Usually, ACA service programs have a waiting list. At the same time, the need for services is growing as more families face a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Our dementia-specific services help prevent more costly institutionalization.

Home delivered continence supplies cost $67 a month or $800 annually for each family. The program currently services about 150 families per month.  Home delivered nutritional supplements cost 26 or $300 per year.  When the day care centers in the greater Birmingham area can re-open, we will once again offer people with dementia up to $300 per month or $3,600 per year of day care services.

Adult day care is the most affordable option of care for families whose loved one is physically able to attend. Day care in our area costs about $45 per day (the national average is $69 per day), while the cost of in-home sitters can be as much as $17 per hour. However, $45 per day is cost-prohibitive for many families.

How can I support ACA for the future?

By donating to ACA’s Endowment Fund. Your charitable gift to the Endowment Fund will be used to help people with dementia and caregivers locally, by funding the 3 core programs of ACA: providing respite for caregivers through the Adult Day Care program, Continence Supplies for those with financial need, and the Project Lifesaver service to protect the person with dementia from wandering.

Who manages the Endowment Fund?

The Endowment Board of ACA and the Board of Directors are the fiduciaries of the Endowment Fund and have the responsibility of wise stewardship of the fund. The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham manages the administration and investment of the ACA Endowment Funds. They are a proven cost-effective administrator of dozens of nonprofit agency endowment funds across the state of Alabama.

How much is spent each year from the Endowment Fund?

Up to five percent of the corpus of the Endowment Fund, based on a three-year rolling average, may be spent each year. The decision on how much to spend each year will be recommended by the Endowment Investment Committee with approval of the Endowment Board and the Board of Directors.

What types of gifts will ACA accept?

Cash, stocks, personal property, beneficiary designations of assets such as life insurance, retirement assets, bonds, annuities, mutual funds, bequests in your will, full or partial interests in real estate, and transfer on death designations. All complex gifts are subject to the approval of the Endowment Investment Committee and, ultimately, the Board of Directors of ACA.