Alzheimer’s & Covid-19 News

An April 13, 2020 UsAgainstAlzheimer’s blog post spotlighted the new UsAgainstAlzheimer’s A-LIST survey about the effects of coronavirus on the Alzheimer’s community. Caregivers shared advice about how they are managing additional stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. “Find support groups using Zoom. Honestly there’s so much more support and community available now for those of us who are isolated in general, it feels easier to find creative groups and community and support groups than there was before.” “Keep your sense of humor and if you never had one, get one.” “Laugh, laugh, laugh – by watching funny cat videos if you like, or babies laughing.”

Dr. Jason Karlawish, professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and Being Patient Founder and Executive Editor Deborah Kan discuss what delirium is, why people with dementia are at a higher risk for developing it and what caregivers can do to prepare.  Learn more here

Reframing the Crisis: How Caregivers Can Manage Mental Health During COVID-19.  Neuropsychologist Dr. Steven Sabat discusses the ways caregivers can manage anxiety and depression during quarantine. Read more here

Lori Nisson: How to Create a Caregiving Plan for COVID-19. COVID-19 may make caregiving for a vulnerable loved one with Alzheimer’s seem overwhelming. But developing a plan for the pandemic can help. Discover more here

Dementia Friendly Activities:   

CJFS CARES has created Video Sing-Alongs with Songbooks. People living with dementia patients and their loved ones will enjoy singing along to these videos produced by Birmingham musician Greg Womble and Lise Grace, Assistant Program Director of the CARES respite program. For ease of use, download and print the songbooks!

Patti Williams and our friends at Encore, the respite program at Canterbury United Methodist Church,celebrated National Gardening Day!  Enjoy their 10 minute video that includes a short devotional, funny story, some info about gardening.

ACA is partnering with LifeBio to create The Memory Project:  Reminiscing Made Fun: Here’s a truly engaging activity that the whole family can enjoy, even from a distance.  Today is the day to begin to record your life story or your family member’s story.  LifeBio helps people ask the right questions to bring out the best memories and stories with the ultimate goal of creating a lasting and priceless legacy. Visit to learn more and receive a discount.  ACA scholarships are also available.

Nursing school faculty at UAB are looking for family caregivers interesting in completing daily diaries for a research study. The entire study can be completed online. You can contribute to science and help other families living with dementia. Your answers will remain anonymous. You will be paid for your time. To learn more and see if you qualify visit:

The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine issued a call for commentaries on the experiences of people with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia, and current and former care partners to people with dementia. Commentaries may be up to 1,000 words and focus on areas of concern relating to dementia. The data will inform the “Decadal Survey of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research on Alzheimer’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Dementias” study.

Alzheimer’s in the News:

An April 8, 2020 Psychology Today blog post by CBS Sunday Morning correspondent, flutist and writer Eugenia Zuckerman addressed the ways that she stays positive, even in light of her Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis.Zuckerman recounts, “…In a television interview in Washington D.C., I read one of my poems entitled “Marbles.” The interviewer broke into tears on live television. That made me realize how important it is to be talking about this insidious disease. Using my words and experience to help others process Alzheimer’s has been incredibly healing for me.”


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