Weekly Dementia Community Calendar November 15, 2019

Trussville First Baptist Church support group will meet Tuesday, November 19, 6:30 – 8.  Please note change of meeting date due to Thanksgiving.  

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama support group will meet at our regular time, Tuesday, November 26, at 11 am. 300 Office Park Drive, Suite 225.  For a complete list of support groups, visit www.alzca.org

Crimson Community Café, at UPerk in Tuscaloosa, Saturday, November 16, 10 – 11:30.  Bring your loved one with dementia for refreshment, music and fellowship.  Email crimsoncummunitycafe@gmail.org

Living Well with Dementia, workshop with Dr. Al Power who wrote Dementia Beyond Drugs and Dementia Beyond Disease, Tuesday, November 19, at Canterbury United Methodist Church, 9 – noon.  Contact Valerie Boyd at (205) 874-1523 or valerie.boyd@canternuryumc.org.

One Enchanted Day for Caregivers, a free event for unpaid family caregivers, Saturday, November 21, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa, 11:30 – 2.  www.westalabamaaging.org/oneenchantedday

2nd Annual Magic on Main Street Festival of Trees at Cahaba Ridge Retirement Living, December 7, 2 – 4:30 pm, 3090 Healthy Way.  Donated, decorated table top Christmas trees will be auctioned to benefit Alzheimer of Central Alabama.  See attached flyer or call Janette McConnell at 205-201-7364.

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama Support Group Reunion and Pot Luck Luncheon, Tuesday, December 10,  11:30 – 1.  Join us for fun and reindeer games! mpiggott@alzca.org. 

Super Bowl 2020 tickets will be raffled off to benefit Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama, January 9, Aloft Lobby in Homewoood.  For more information vholder@alzca.org.

News to know:

Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama 2020 calendars of Alzheimer’s art are available for $10.  They make great holiday gifts.  The calendar shines a light on central Alabama’s respite and adult day care centers.  Calendars can be purchased online and mailed to you.  (Buy a calendar online today!)

Congratulations, Pam Leonard!  Pam is the Director of CJFS (Collat Jewish Family Services) CARES  respite program.  She has been named the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) 2019 Dementia Care Professional of the Year!   Pam said, ‘This is my happy place’ is a sign that hangs by the door at CARES.  It was put there by a caregiver who recognized that her mom found friendship, love, acceptance, laughter, purpose, and success in this place. CARES is also my happy place because I have found the same things while being in community with the people we serve.    I am fortunate to be able to create, along with our staff and volunteers, a place where people can find joy while navigating through a disease that can present so many challenges”.  For information about CARES visit www.cjfsbham.org or visit www.alzca.org for a complete list of respite and adult day care centers in central Alabama.

A November 11, 2019 UsAgainstAlzheimer’s blog post by UsA2 COO Russ Paulsen argued the case for ‘cautious optimism’ in the wake of three positive announcements in recent weeks about potential Alzheimer’s disease treatments on the horizon. “With three major pharmacological headlines all in close proximity to one another, you can’t help but feel the tide turning after years of setback and disappointment… Science moves more slowly than any of us in this fight would like. It is frustrating. These recent drug announcements give us hope, but we know that even if all three are approved, it is unlikely they will work for everyone. We need to continue to invest, continue to explore all possible avenues, continue to fight.”

An October 28, 2019 The New York Times article spotlighted T.J. Abraham, who has a diagnosis of neurodegenerative dementia. Abraham played both high school and college football, and recently testified at a New York State Assembly hearing about banning tackle football for children aged 12 and younger. “His experience is consistent with the direction of much of the new research.  Football’s threat to the brain now is less about concussions, those most catastrophic of head collisions, than repeated hits, the sheer repetitive smacking around of the brain inside the skull. Boston University’s C.T.E. center has estimated that the average college football player experiences 800-1,000 hits in a single season.”

The Women’s Brain Project Switzerland joins Be Brain Powerful ® campaigns already underway in the United States and Sweden.  Alzheimer’s is indiscriminate, but women bear a disproportionate burden, as around 60 percent of those caring for people with the disease are women, and women have more than double the chance of developing the disease than men.  This latest campaign adoption propels the momentum for the Global Alliance on Women’s Brain Health and its Be Brain Powerful® campaign initiative to support brain health across women’s lifespans as a first-line defense in mitigating the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

A new study finds that a larger waist size is associated with an increased risk of developing dementia.  Learn more here

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America free, monthly webinar:  Frontotemporal Degeneration: A Complex Disease with Complex Care Needs, December 12. To learn more and to register, click here

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